Verizon releases transparency report, shows over 320,000 law enforcement requests

Verizon released their transparency report today, just as they said they would. In the report, we find that over 320,000 requests for infer were made to them via various law enforcement agencies. According to Verizon, over half of the requests asked for simple information, like names associated with numbers.

The breakout shows some interesting numbers regarding law enforcement quires to carriers. The majority were subpoenas, wherein a law enforcement agency gets the name and address associated with a number. Of the 321,545 requests, about 70,600 were court orders for information. Of those orders, 63,000 asked for names associated with numbers, just as the subpoenas do. Roughly 6,300 asked for traces on lines, while about 1,500 were actual phone taps. Verizon also says about 36,000 warrants were issued, which give law enforcement access to any and all data stored on Verizon’s servers for the number they’re referencing.

When it comes to the hot-button issue of the NSA and government snooping, we learn that Verizon got between 1,000-2,000 letters form the government agency requesting info. Verizon was also kind enough tot ell us what they provide when getting those letters, which is name, address, length of service, and billing records. Though a large number, they represent a small percentage of overall requests.

This is the first revelation by any carrier, though others have also pledged to do the same. Though we don’t — and never will — get detailed info on the specifics of any request, it does allow for some watchdogging and diligence. Now that there is precedence, we can look to other carriers to release their info, as well as various other entities that have our information.

VIA: The Verge

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