DOJ spying on our cellphones, getting data via dirtyboxes?

Is the US Department of Justice trying to spy on us now? Of course, the DOJ will never admit that but there’s a rumor going on that the group has been getting data from the people’s smartphones. No, DOJ is using some geek’s master hacking skills or old wiretapping tech. There’s a report by the Wall Street Journal that says the group is flying a device overhead that spoofs signal tower from network carriers. This signal tricks your phone that it’s only looking for a signal but actually, the DOJ is already pinching data, hoping to get information about criminals. The quest for information that could help fight criminals is believed to be happening right now but there’s no confirmation yet about its authenticity. No mention on how often these “dirtyboxes” on planes are flying over the skies but sources say it was regularly. This is quite creepy because we have no way to detect if the signal we’re getting is legit or not. We could be getting fooled right now but I doubt if we’ll ever know the truth. There is no such thing as privacy nowadays so the only thing for us to do is to be careful and don’t share anything you don’t want the world to know. No sending of NSFW photos or messages to your significant other. No texting of important information. Don’t transact any illegal business or job over SMS or mobile phone calls. Others call this a “dirtybox” program because it’s really dirty. It bypasses the mobile carriers and forgets about the right of the people. Law enforcement can submit a request for information on a person before but now, they can get the data they need without informing the court or the person. Of course, we’re regarding this as a rumor for now since there are no hard evidences yet. The US Department of Justice has not said anything on the subject. Even if the group decides to comment, we’re guessing a denial not an explanation. What do you think? SOURCE: WSJ Story Timeline AT&T says sorry for breach of security caused by an employee New OTA update for OnePlus One phones, resolves security issue


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