US government spying on people’s cell phones using fake signal towers

We constantly hear about how our personal info isn’t safe, whether it would be from hackers or our own government. And it’s not like the government isn’t already knee deep in controversy with the NSA debacle still coming back into the news frequently. However, in more bad luck for our government, additional news has come out about a new spying technique that they use on us innocent folk. This new method uses fake cell towers some call “dirtboxes” attached to planes. When these planes fly overhead, the dirtboxes get the phones of everyone around to connect to them and deposit identifying information and location. Location can be accurate enough to know what room someone is in inside of a building. This is used to find fugitives and criminals without having to go through the carrier, which is reportedly slow and inefficient. It cuts out the middle man entirely. The problem isn’t that this information is being taken, but what’s being done with it. We don’t know of the info taken from the innocent people is deleted or stored or what this data is used for. This is important information that can be used to know where you are at all times without the help or resistance of carriers. And worst of all, judges seem to be pretty supportive of these methods. While not too much is known about this method, it is said that it can also intercept text messages and even photographs being sent, which is another huge security risk which may have absolutely no oversight. And the government being irresponsible with such data is the last thing people need. So what do you think of this method of finding criminals? Is it overly invasive, or is it just part of the legal process? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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